Information graphics as an instrument for sustainable communication


These days it becomes more and more important for us to reconsider our accustomed behaviour and ideally change it in a way that enables us to secure our living environment in the long term. This work is concerned with the complex of problems that occur at this point. We live in a fast moving society that is constantly confronted with facts, figures and complex data and therefore is exposed to a steadily growing information overload. This unmanagable compound of information freezes us human beings and makes a targeted communication of sustainable topics very difficult. In order to achieve a rethinking of societal action this work clarifies how to prepare information in a way that allows a sensitizing of the target group in excess of the information overflow. Information graphics form an approach that is increasingly applied for this purpose and therefor displays an effective and important channel of information. With the junction of images and written information is a unity generated that attracts attention and informs at the same time.